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50 years of consulting. 50 years of change.

BC Berlin was founded in 1968 by the Federal State and City of Berlin together with a majority of private investors. Thus, the formation stone was laid for a modern service enterprise, which successfully established itself in the market. International project work, extensive in-house know-how  and reliable local partners were built-up.

Germany divided. West-Berlin an island.

The former Senator of West-Berlin, Professor Karl Schiller, established already in the early sixties that modern service companies will secure the ecomic stability of then isolated City. West Berlin was to become a hub for East-West trade, taking advantage of its favorable geographic location. The Senate of Berlin should support this trade through adding value from engineering and consulting services. Such services would not put additional pressure on the already scarce land resources of the walled city.

BC Berlin-Consult GmbH is founded
In 1968, his successor, Senator Karl König, pursued this idea further. In Kenia he met with Consultants from Bad Homburg: "Can you actually implement what you are planning?" As the financial resources of a consulting company are not sufficient for offering turn-key solutions, he concluded: "That can be donbe with support of the State of Berlin". Using his esxellent contacts to East Berlin, only few years later BC Berlin developped and commissioned two factories in East-Germany.

The Seventies
From Moscow to Argentina
In the following years, BC Berlin developed, designed and commissioned various food-processing factories. The services of BC Berlin ranged from sloughterhousews to Pizza production and meet processing in East Germany, Poland, Argentina and Russia.

The Eighties
Waste Management in Berlin and worldwide
The technological know-how was to be exportet into new markets, with new customers and different coultures. BC Berlin offered consulting services, implemented feasibility and market studies throughout the world, from Xining and Yueyang in China, from Niger to Algieria, from London to Moscow and in other former Soviet Republics. Waste Management became a new sector, from planning the largest waste transfer station at Gradestraße in West-Berlin to the Pyrolysis test plant in Schöneiche, state of the art know-how and technical experiences have ever been the core of our business.

The Nineties
Managing the transition in Eastern Europe
The nineties brought tremendous change to Europe. Eastern European countries and economies were transformed to cope with the new world order. Economies became market driven, and so it regulatory and legal environment offered by the state. BC Berlin accompanied economic transformation and technological modernisation with its broad experiences in those countries, always combined with its up-to-date technologoical know how. Daughter compoanies such as MC Moskau-Consult AG, DECON GmbH and BVC Berliner Verkehrs Consulting GmbH were founded, partially with partners and still active in the market.

The new millenium
From waste to resource management
Environemtental considerations become more and more important. The foundation stone of DECON, was the sart of energy consulting which turned into the development of more sustainable concepts in renewable energy solutions. Environmental Impact Assessments, Waste Management Planning, advisory services to private companies and governments are still the core competence of BC Berlin.

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